Ever met someone and just had a connection? Your interests were similar, you chatted like old friends and most importantly, they treated you exactly how you wanted to be treated. You were so utterly impressed and delighted, you couldn’t imagine changing a thing. It seems like it’s too good to be true… and you were right, it definitely was… 

His name was Scott and he was well spoken, attractive and fun. Unlike most men Carmen had met, he didn’t take her on the same old boring, typical dates. Not to be misunderstood, she thought dinner and a movie was nice, but it was so over played for a first date. At this point, if she had to do dinner and a movie one more time, she would consider giving up dating all together. However, she had now met Scott and he made her feel hopeful and alive.

On their first date, he took her bowling. She won (although she felt he allowed this) but the date was one of the best she ever had. She was eager to see him again and cupid must be in full gear because Scott felt the same. Their next few dates continued to follow the same untraditional, yet exciting pace. Picnics on the beach, grape-stomping at the local winery and yoga lessons in the park. All the things that pointed to having an amazing life with someone she could really settle down with.

It was easy to see why Carmen felt like the luckiest girl alive.

On all accounts, Scott was perfect for her, there was just one problem…he worked too much. Every time they were out, he would get a call from the job.  After receiving it, he would politely excuse himself, disappear for around 10-15 minutes, then return apologetic and ready to continue the night. 

It was a bit annoying, but she tried not to get caught up in the negative. He was a hard worker and she saw this as a good trait. Besides, the constant interference from his job may not even last much longer. This guy was the total package and even though he worked a lot, he never canceled a date with her because of it.

Better still, he hadn’t even tried to have sex with her. She found this fact both fascinating and frustrating. A guy not just looking for sex was the exact guy that she wanted sex with. It made him all the more interesting and sexy to her. But she remained in control and let him lead in that arena. They kissed, cuddled and made tons of romantic gestures towards each other, so when the time was right they would move further.

As expected of his character, one Friday night, Scott surprised her and told her they would be spending the evening at a well known local spa. He had booked an entire couples package that included massages, facials, pedicures and dinner. Carmen was ecstatic! After such a long and stressful week, a few hours at the spa sounded like heaven.

When they arrived they quickly checked in, got into their spa robes and met back in the luxurious waiting area for their respective masseurs to greet them. After a few minutes, they were escorted back for their couples massage. IT. WAS. PURE. BLISS. Exactly what she needed to remove the stress and calm the mind. Once the massage was over, they went back to the waiting area to await their next scheduled service. Having some time to burn, Scott excused himself to go back to the car to make a business call.

Shortly after he left, it dawned on her that she could make a few calls also, but she had forgotten her phone inside her purse in the car. Knowing that Scott was taking a quick business call she was hesitant to go. She didn’t want to disturb him or seem like she was being too pushy. However, it would only take a quick second and she would be super quiet.

After going back to the locker room to get dressed, she headed to the door. Once outside she paused to smile and enjoyed the nice breeze of the evening. The parking lot was almost empty and she could see the car in the distance. She started walking and as she dragged closer, she saw Scott moving his arms frantically. 

“Oh no!” she thought. What if he is having a heated discussion with his boss? She stopped and stared for a minute to decide if it was smart to keep walking. As she continued staring at the car it became evident that the window was down. That was odd, she didn’t hear any yelling. Maybe, she just assumed wrong and things were actually ok. She started again and noticed he was still making some sort of odd gesturing. 

This time more curious than nervous, she sped up and didn’t stop until she was looking into the window at Scott and his…PENIS!

Carmen: “What the fuck?”

Startled and slightly confused, Scott was yanked (pun intended) from his private passion session. He looked up to see a disgusted and angry Carmen staring dead at him.

Scott: “Ummmm Carmen, What? Where? It’s?”

Carmen: “Are you kidding me? Is this your business meeting?” she said gesturing at his exposed member.

Scott:  “I can explain,” he said quickly trying to cover himself. “I just have like a little fetish you know? No biggie. It’s harmless really.”

Carmen: “A fetish! “What are you talking about?”

Scott: He began to talk faster. “Let me just clean myself up, I’ll take you home and explain along the way.”

Carmen: “HELL NO! I’ll call a friend. Give me my purse, I seem to have left it on the floor.”

Scott:  “Carmen… please.” Scott said reaching for the purse. “I’m not going to hurt you, just let me explain.”

Carmen: “Don’t use that hand!” If you touch my purse with that tainted helper, you will be sorry. Plus, I’m not worried about you hurting me, I’m worried about me hurting you! Just give me my purse, so I can go.”

Scott: “Carmen, I…”

Carmen: “NOW.”

Reluctantly (and with his left-out-of-the-action hand) he leaned over, grabbed her purse from the floor and handed it to her. She briefly checked the contents and without another word, turned and walked away. She called a friend who agreed to pick her up and she waited inside until they arrived.

Once she got home she went directly to the bathroom and showered. She felt dirty and figured a good steam would clear her head. When the shower was done, she went to check her phone and true enough, there were several missed calls and voicemails from Scott. Assuming she knew the messages would all be various forms of “let me explain” she turned off her phone, popped open some wine, cried and then drifted off to sleep.

The next few days were the same… calls from Scott that she ignored. She truly couldn’t believe how weird it was. He seemed so different, so together. To catch him outside in his car masturbating was gross and disturbing. It hurt too, because she was really starting to like him. Was he hiding more? Did she over react? Was she just someone to help him fulfill some twisted desire? What made the act of public masturbation so appealing to him? She remember he said something about a fetish. What fetish?

The longer she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She felt she deserved some answers and if talking to Scott was the only way to get them, then that was just what she would do. She yanked (lol, I couldn’t help it) up the phone and dialed his number. All too quickly, she heard his voice on the line.

Scott: “Carmen? Is that you? Thank goodness.”

Carmen: “Explain.”

Scott: “I’m so sorry. Can you…”

Carmen: “EXPLAIN!”

Scott sighed and begin to explain. It was a long explanation, but it summed up like this…

Due to an event in his childhood, he developed a foot fetish. Correction, a MAJOR foot fetish. At first, he still enjoyed sex from time to time. However, it wasn’t long before he completely lost interest in sex and only needed (more so wanted) to use his visions of women’s feet combined with masturbation to get him satisfied. Nowadays, it was THE ONLY way he could orgasm. 

He still enjoyed being in the company of women, kissing, touching and even levels of foreplay. He also wanted to get married, have kids (I’m not sure how) and be a faithful family man. But he still wanted to keep his masturbation lifestyle alive and well, throughout the relationship/marriage. 

He said that he planned to tell her when the time was right. He also thought that time was soon because he really liked her. He knew that he couldn’t keep having “business calls” without any further explanation when he returned to the date.

He admitted that he would just get so turned on during the dates seeing her feet, he just couldn’t help himself. 

It was then, that everything came together in her head.  Every place they went, called for them to be without shoes for some or all of the date.  Even something as simple as bowling gave him the briefest moments (which was all he needed) to get him turned on. Then, he would FAKE a business call (he had them set on alarms) so that he could go out to his car and whack off. 

Carmen was speechless and a bit sick. She couldn’t believe this was going on the whole time they were dating. How do you bounce back from that? She really liked him, but this was too much. They exchanged conversation a bit longer, but she had already checked out. She more so felt sorry for him. Hearing his constant apologies and excuses for his behavior only solidified that she wanted nothing more to do with him.

When she felt there was nothing more to say, she wished him well, then politely ended the call. She never contacted (or accepted a call from) him again. It was fun while it lasted, but some messes were not worth the clean up. 



HA HA HA HA. I had to add that pic. Don’t you just love it? I’ll be honest with you, the idea of going outside and finding someone full on fucking themselves made me laugh so hard, I cried. You really have NO idea who you could end up dating, which is why you should be careful. Do background checks, intensely search google, internet stalk if you have to, just LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Don’t be surprised if people aren’t who they pretend to be. I think bad, funny, sad situations are all part of the dating world.

Because I am so naturally curious, it wasn’t long before I started wondering how many different fetishes there were. So,

I got to googling and opened up my mind to a whole world of pointless knowledge and weirdness. There are hundreds, upon hundreds of fetishes out there.  In case you were wondering, there is a fetish for EVERYTHING! 

People are turned on by bugs, adult diapers, cross-eyed people, words, satin, blood and even robots.

On the one hand, it can be scary to think you could be dating someone like this. But on the other, it’s a good thing because the saying “there is someone for everyone” has monumental truth. 

I even read that there is a fetish for being buried alive. My first thought was who figured out they liked this and how? Then I thought, how can it be a true adrenaline rush if you know the person is going to let you back out and are just helping you with your kinks? What happens after your orgasm? Does panic finally set in? 

Yes. That overall researching left me with more questions than answers, so eventually I abandoned it. Even though my exploration was short lived, I learned that people are more bizarre than I thought possible. 

If you are actively dating, really pay attention to who you date.  Actually, go a step further and just ask them, “Do you have any interesting things that turn you on?”  You could hate it, or you might like it.

 NOW.  If you are the one that’s into things that isn’t normally known as “acceptable” then don’t be shy or hide who you are.  There really is someone out there who may be looking for you.  Trying to be like everyone else won’t do you any favors.  At the end of the day, just be happy, be safe and be “FETISH-OUSLY” you.


Nicki Grace aka The Tipsy Counselor

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