The Love of my Past, Present

Inevitable Encounters Series (Book 2)

What’s it about?

Have you ever caught your husband cheating? Chloe James has, and she’s pissed. She’s only been married a year, and already it seems like the man she thought she knew, she doesn’t know at all. But Chloe’s not going down without a fight, even if she has to take her cheating husband with her.

However, fate has other plans. While trying to pick up the broken pieces and reconnect with the man she still loves, her high school sweetheart, the sexy Reginald Rodriguez, has re-entered her life and is now her new boss. His presence is unveiling emotions that pull Chloe’s mind and body into forbidden territories.

As she uncovers unresolved feelings about her past and shocking discoveries about her present, managing the temptation to kill one man and kiss the other is going to be a challenge she is bound to lose.

The door was cracked open and there it was… his penis. Ramming into a cowgirl riding Candace who seemed to be having the time of her life.

For a moment, Chloe was too shocked to move. She stared several moments because her eyes must have misunderstood. Her husband was not in front of her having sex with another woman. Something wasn’t adding up.

Blinking rapidly in an attempt to focus and reset her brain, she tried to convince her eyes to turn off the movie it was playing; this wasn’t real. But it was, and she was a witness to it. As the truth set in, erupting anger was soon to follow.

“Should she kill them?” she thought.

There was a gun downstairs in the safe behind the wall art in the living room. It’d be so easy, and after a performance like this, it simply wasn’t fitting for them to not go out without a bang.

And just like that, it was decided. She quietly backed away and retraced her steps downstairs.

Standing in front of a canvas art abstract painting, she placed her fingers on the lower right corner of the picture and pulled. It gave no protest. It was silent and opened with ease. It didn’t mind at all that it was helping her retrieve the weapon that would end both Derek and Candace’s life. If Chloe weren’t mistaken, she’d even say it welcomed it.

“Go ahead, kill them; here’s all the access you need.”

Placing her hand on the dial of the safe, she turned it. 12-23-17, and then she pulled the lever…



The Love of my Past, Present is now available at Amazon.


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