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Life can be cruel, especially when you come from a family as sick and twisted as mine. Suffering through abuse, lies, and hate isn’t easy, but I’ll survive. Because if I don’t, I’m taking a few of them with me. 

Why was he raping me again? Oh yeah, that’s right, cause he was drunk.

He was drunk, and I was there.

He was drunk. I was right there, and he wanted sex.

Yeah, that made sense… except it fucking didn’t!

Not only was I not interested in sleeping with him, I was his damn sister!

What in the hell was wrong with him? It would probably be a shorter list if I named the things that weren’t wrong with him.

Either way, I didn’t say anything. What was I supposed to say? Get off me before I kill you?

Of course, I thought it, but I wouldn’t dare speak it. If I did, he’d likely kill me instead. I was twenty- one, ten years younger than him, and I liked my life… or I liked it sometimes.

Regardless, I didn’t want to lose it for being a smart ass.

My brother Damien was an evil bastard, and sadly that wasn’t the worst of it. Ever heard the saying about God giving with both hands? It refers to the overflow of love and generosity God bestows upon us.

Well, I think the devil took over in creating my brother because I have a second one, equally evil named Trevor.

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