Love is Sweet

What’s it about?

Being a stripper, toxic relationships, and eavesdropping on her neighbor’s odd but entertaining sex life are things of the past for 26-year-old Piper Fosters.

She’s a recent college graduate with a new job and starting a life that drama has no place in.

That’s why, it feels like love at first sight when she meets a handsome and charming stranger at the airport. He’s perfect, and immediately she falls madly in love with him.

But as her world starts to unravel, Piper begins to wonder just how well does she know the man she has fallen for?

SWEET is book 1 of 3 in: The Sweet, Sour and Salty Series

*Note to readers* This book ends on a Cliffhanger

Book Preview

Piper was stuck and panicking for a way out. It was just her luck that something so ridiculous would happen. How in the hell did one get their clothes jammed into an escalator, anyway? Opting to wear a long, flowy beach skirt instead of shorts was how it happened.

But right now, that didn’t matter; escaping this mess was the top priority. If a solution didn’t reveal itself by the time she got to the bottom. Her skirt was going to be yanked off of her body, taking her pride with it.

Crossing her purse strap over her chest, Piper tugged at the skirt for the fifth time in an attempt to work it loose. 

Still, it didn’t budge. Looking around nervously, she spotted a guy stepping onto the escalator. Mentally calculating his distance, he must have been approximately seven steps behind her. 

The escalator was long. Maybe close to 50 or so of those metallic death traps called stairs. The long-range from top to bottom should be good news, but the reality was, there could be 1000 stairs, and still, the end would come too soon. 

Thinking fast, she waved at the guy. He looked at her and pointed to himself. 

Nodding frantically, Piper motioned for him to come down. Hurrying towards her, he immediately saw the predicament. 

“Can you help me pull it loose?”

The guy yanked at the base of the floral garment while Piper pulled from higher up; however, it remained locked in place. 

“Shit! It’s stuck in there, good.“

“I know,” Piper said, glancing around at just how big of a crowd she was about to flash. There weren’t many people, and thankfully, she had worn cute underwear. At least some of the advice her Aunt gave her had stuck. 

Then with horror, she realized that wasn’t true. She was on her period, which meant underneath this skirt wasn’t sexy lace but underwear that resembled something a grandmother would wear. 



Experience the suspense, fun and excitement of this unforgettable series!

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