Love is Sour

As the second installment in the Love Is series unfolds, Piper is unsure of what to believe. Her head and heart are spinning from all the lies, pain, and confusion ripping apart her world. 

She even finds herself fighting the grips of temptation as her connection to Desmond kicks up several heated notches. Nonetheless, she still loves her boyfriend Scott, and that love can get them through anything, right? Too bad, there’s just one problem…



“Hello?” Piper repeated.

“Stay away from Scott. Or else!”


The phone buzzed again, but this time the caller ID said unknown. Abrupt clarity flooded Piper’s brain.

“Simone,” she thought.

“You will pay for this,” Piper threatened, answering the call.

“Aww, is someone having a bad day?” Simone asked as if speaking to a child.

Piper tightened her fist and bit her tongue to stop from screaming at the top of her lungs. She was seething, and the office seemed to be getting very warm. Even her palms were sweaty.

“What did you do?” Piper said with a jaw clenched so tight it was a wonder Simone could make out her words.

“I only put out a little referral for you, that’s all. I figured a whore like you could show those guys a good time.”

Piper’s other line beeped. She didn’t even waste a second checking it.

“If I ever get my fucking hands on you, you’re dead.”

“Promises. Promises,” Simone mocked, brushing off the threat. “Listen, I don’t want you to see Scott again, and if you do, I’ll know.”

“One day, you will slip up, and when you do, I am going to make you sorry.”

Simone giggled. Fucking giggled, as if this was a joke. Piper mentally noted the laugh. The woman wouldn’t be laughing when Piper finished with her.

“Don’t piss me off, Piper, or next time I’ll provide an address to go with the phone number. That way, your eager customers can visit you. Have a good day. And oh yeah, don’t worry if you have to get a new number, I’ll be in touch. As long as you are messing with my Scott, I’ll find you.”


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