Love is Salty

Enraged doesn’t come close to describing how Piper feels about all of the secretspainconfusion, and deceit she has experienced at the hands of the man she loved. 

As the third installment of the “Love is” Series begins, everyone wants revenge, and someone needs to pay with their life

All bets are off, and it would be wise for Piper to remember that just because her relationship was lively in the beginning… doesn’t mean she can survive until the end.

Book Preview

As soon as he got her up onto one knee, Piper swiftly turned and sliced down the arm holding the gun.

Scott shouted a curse and dropped the weapon, but before she could land another blow, he backhanded her, and this time, her collision with the floor was not intentional. Pain exploded in her head, and for a split second, she couldn’t hear or see.

“YOU STUPID WHORE!” He yelled, collapsing on top of her. The impact knocked the wind out of her, and immediately after that, Scott’s hands were around her throat. 

Piper dug her nails into his face, and Scott punched her several times before she withdrew. The excruciating jolts of pain raging their way through her body forced Piper to give up the fight a lot sooner than she wanted to. The ease in which he was overpowering and blocking her attempts at self-defense made Piper feel like an abused rag doll.

Scott squeezed tighter, and Piper felt her already restricted access to air become eliminated completely.

Deja Vu replayed in her mind. This had happened before. Scott choking her, the shortness of breath and intense levels of panic. That time it ended in smiles and cuddles, but this time it would end with Piper being united with her Aunt Delores. 

Piper couldn’t let that happen. She stopped trying to break his hold around her neck and dug her fingers into the deep cut she had made on his arm.

Scott cursed again, and his grip loosened immediately but not long enough for her to gain a sufficient amount of air. Her eyes were beginning to water, and her movements began to slow. Mentally she tried to push herself to move faster and kick harder, but her limbs felt too heavy.

She was dying, and vaguely two thoughts came to mind…


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