• This Side of Wrong

    This Side of Wrong

    I licked my lips and picked up my vibrator from beside me on the bed. This porn was getting good. The tall, chocolate, muscular fireman looked yummy. Damn, I love a man in uniform. He was shirtless, dressed in only his red pants, yellow straps and fire hat. The woman lying on the bed in…

  • Break Him (Day 2)

    Break Him (Day 2)

    The dial on the scale spun back and forth for several seconds, working hard to come to a decision about just how judgmental it wanted to be.

  • Break Him

    Break Him

    I held up the box of condoms that promised warm sensations and sensual pleasure and rolled my eyes. Elijah was at it again.

  • His Mouthpiece: Merrick and Jocelyn

    His Mouthpiece: Merrick and Jocelyn

    The first guy slides his dick into my mouth a moment before the second guy plows himself deep into my pussy from behind.

  • His Mouthpiece: Ashton and Jada

    His Mouthpiece: Ashton and Jada

    I opened my mouth, ready and waiting for Ashton to finish. His release coated my tongue and the back of my throat.

  • The Twisted Damsel

    The Twisted Damsel

    and I’m a 20 year old girl who likes to party, shop and help those in need. Yup, I’m sweet, trustworthy, and a whole lot of fun.  JUST DON’T CROSS ME A few unfortunate people have, and I think the words “frightening lunatic” were uttered? No worries, though. I have since silenced their voices allowing the sociopathic savage in me…

  • The Splintered Doll

    The Splintered Doll

    Why was he raping me again? Oh yeah, that’s right, cause he was drunk.

  • The Hero of my Love Scene

    The Hero of my Love Scene

    Winter gawked at how big his dick was because… it was huge. Instinctively, she wondered if he knew how to use it but quickly decided no. 

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