His Mouthpiece

Reading this book was like waiting to have an orgasm!! The anticipation was soooo thrilling, I couldn’t wait to read what happened next. Any interruptions and it was as if I was being teased!! I enjoyed every moment from beginning to end. Ashton had me feeling like he was having sex with me and giving …

The Pregnancy Counselor

“GIVE ME THE F#@$ING EPIDURAL,” I screamed. I was in the mirror practicing. I wanted to be fully prepared when the time came to get this baby out of me. Staring at my reflection, I noticed my angry eyebrows weren’t drawn together enough… I should work on that. Anyway, threat practicing aside, aren’t you ecstatic?!! …

The Tipsy Dating Counselor

Of all the steps, I think self-dating is the most important and the most mishandled.

The Twisted Damsel

Why so Twisted? I consider myself a good girl. Sweet, trustworthy, and delicate. Just don’t cross me. Some may consider me a lunatic, frightening or chilling, but I’ve since silenced their voices. Hey, it wasn’t my fault that the sociopathic savage in me needed room to breathe. I try to maintain a low profile, but …


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