The Pregnancy Counselor

“GIVE ME THE F#@$ING EPIDURAL,” I screamed. I was in the mirror practicing. I wanted to be fully prepared when the time came to get this baby out of me. Staring at my reflection, I noticed my angry eyebrows weren’t drawn together enough… I should work on that. Anyway, threat practicing aside, aren’t you ecstatic?!! …

The Tipsy Dating Counselor

Of all the steps, I think self-dating is the most important and the most mishandled.

The Twisted Damsel

Why so Twisted? I consider myself a good girl. Sweet, trustworthy, and delicate. Just don’t cross me. Some may consider me a lunatic, frightening or chilling, but I’ve since silenced their voices. Hey, it wasn’t my fault that the sociopathic savage in me needed room to breathe. I try to maintain a low profile, but …

Love is Salty

Enraged doesn’t come close to describing how Piper feels about all of the secrets, pain, confusion, and deceit she has experienced at the hands of the man she loved.  As the third installment of the “Love is” Series begins, everyone wants revenge, and someone needs to pay with their life.  All bets are off, and it would be wise for Piper to remember that just …


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