• His Mouthpiece: Merrick and Jocelyn

    His Mouthpiece: Merrick and Jocelyn

    I stared at the contract, pen in hand, with one question in mind… had I completely lost it? It was only supposed to be one night of passion between strangers, but here I am, legally agreeing to enter into a Dom/sub relationship. As a lawyer, I know all too well how messy, dangerous, and ironclad…

  • The Pregnancy Counselor

    The Pregnancy Counselor

    I was in the mirror practicing. I wanted to be fully prepared when the time came to get this baby out of me. Staring at my reflection, I noticed my angry eyebrows weren’t drawn together enough… I should work on that. Anyway, threat practicing aside, aren’t you ecstatic?!! We are pregnant and have a wonderful…

  • The Tipsy Dating Counselor

    The Tipsy Dating Counselor

    Of all the steps, I think self-dating is the most important and the most mishandled.

  • The Twisted Damsel

    The Twisted Damsel

    and I’m a 20 year old girl who likes to party, shop and help those in need. Yup, I’m sweet, trustworthy, and a whole lot of fun.  JUST DON’T CROSS ME A few unfortunate people have, and I think the words “frightening lunatic” were uttered? No worries, though. I have since silenced their voices allowing the sociopathic savage in me…

  • The Love of my Past, Present

    The Love of my Past, Present

    The door was cracked open and there it was… his penis. Ramming into a cowgirl riding Candace who seemed to be having the time of her life.

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