Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the first book to actually have me in my feelings. Everything is not always meant for us. Sometimes you can have it “ALL”. but that “ALL” can be too much. Willow learns the lesson of “Be careful what you wish for”. And Im glad I was here for it! Cut off Your Nose, To Spite Your Face was the Perfect title.

Tamisha L.

Reading Order:

  1. Cut off Your Nose (ends on cliffhanger)
  2. To Spite Your Face

*Please note: This is a two part story that must be read in order to understand the story.

What do a stalkerabusive boyfriend, and toxic family members have in common? Their ruthless desire to possess, control, and ultimately destroy Willow Feltner.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, for most of Willow’s life, she was an afterthought, a doormat, and the furthest thing from the center of attention.

Finally, pushed to the edge Willow alters her face in hopes of becoming a woman that men crave and women envy.

And in the beginning it was everything she dreamed it would be. But slowly everything goes wrong…




Willow Feltner has always felt ugly, overlooked and alone… and why wouldn’t she? 

Men barely notice her, coworkers don’t remember her name and her very own sister acts as if they are rivals instead of relatives. 

When her beloved grandmother dies, Willow’s world sinks to an all-new low and she is desperate to find a way to fix her lifelong suffering. 

She is done with the insults, the hatred, and all-out disrespect. It is finally her time to shine and what better way to recreate her world than with a new face?

This transformation will not only gain her respect from her family, but for once in her life, it will make men want her, and women want to be her.

Unfortunately for Willow, going under the knife not only opens her world to new possibilities… but to new threats as well.


To say Willow Feltner’s world is falling apart is an understatement. The cosmetic surgery she underwent to make her dreams of beauty a reality has brought dangerthreats, and abuse along with it.

Willow is now stuck between a rock and numerous horrifying places as she fights to endure a stalker and an abusive relationship.

Escaping is her only answer.

However, can she survive with her life intact, now that she has learned the earth-shattering truth that most fairytales… originate from nightmares?

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