His Mouthpiece (The Prequel)

I, Jocelyn Milner (the submissive), agree to the rules of a sexual power exchange with Merrick Alexander (the Dominant). 

I stared at the contract, pen in hand, with only one question in mind… Had I completely lost it?

It was only supposed to be one night of passion between strangers, but here I am, legally agreeing to enter into a Dom/sub relationship.

As a lawyer, I know all too well how messy, dangerous, and ironclad contracts can be. So why am I signing this? Two words; Merrick Alexander. 

Everything about him is unlike any man I have ever met, and even though on the surface he emits power, brilliance and charisma, the shadows in his eyes warn that he has secrets that run as deep as my own. 

That is how I know I am in over my head and this isn’t likely to end well. 

Especially since I fear allowing him unrestricted access to my body will eventually result in him wanting access to the one thing I never give any man…. my heart.

His Mouthpiece (The Prequel) will be available Feb 14th!


Chapter 1 – “Face the headboard.”

The first guy slides his dick into my mouth a moment before the second guy plows himself deep into my pussy from behind. The force of it causes the guy’s dick I’m sucking to get some premature deep-throat action… and I fucking loved it.

I locked my lips tight around his erection, then bobbed my head up and down a few times before glancing up to lock eyes with him. He was attractive, no correction, he was breathtakingly handsome, which is one reason why I wanted to sleep with him and his friend.

I think their names were Merrick and Xavier, although I couldn’t be sure because my focus was on how sexually enticing they both were. 

Neither of them knew my name and that was the way I preferred to keep it. No strings, no awkward conversations, and no plans of ever seeing either of them again.

Xavier, the one pounding the life out of me from behind, was a professional hockey player who lived in Canada. 

He was over six feet tall, with golden brown skin and wide shoulders that suited his athletic build. He was clean-shaven and also very attractive, but due to his underwhelming stroke game, my attraction to him stopped at the physical. 

It appeared all the time Xavier spent on the ice was spilling over into his sex moves. He was knocking his dick around like a hockey stick, trying to locate my puck and not having much luck.

It didn’t necessarily feel bad, just as if he wasn’t spending enough time on my most sensitive areas. Fortunately for me, the thrill of giving into such a scandalous evening gave me the rush I sought.

Merrick, the one currently occupying my mouth and oddly enough, calming my mind, was the businessman. He was probably 6”2, with a muscular build and chocolate skin so captivating I found myself working extra hard to get him to his climax. 

His dick was magnificent, and I anticipated the treat would be very sweet when he came.

I’d met them less than an hour ago at the hotel’s bar downstairs. The attraction both men had for me was evident, but I didn’t want one, I wanted them both.

Initially, I don’t think either was too taken with the idea of sharing. They would have preferred if I chose one of them as the lucky guy that had me all to himself.

However, once I revealed that it was a fantasy of mine to have a threesome and that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, they put their reservations aside, and here I was, forming a bridge between the two of them.

Xavier was on the bed, driving into me from the rear, I was in the middle, and Merrick was standing at the foot of the bed, his dick aligned perfectly with my mouth.

Xavier’s thrusts were causing my body to lurch back and forth so fast that I had to take a break from sucking. I pulled Merrick’s dick from my mouth and worked my hand up and down his shaft. 

It was rock hard, thick, and stretched longer than the seven inches I was used to working with from my ex, Aaron.

Merrick twisted his fingers into my hair just the way I liked it, and I vaguely wondered if it would be rude to ask Xavier to leave when he was done since I was vibing way too much with his friend. 

Something about him made me feel engaged and free all at the same time. After the day I’d had, his aura was exactly what I needed.

“I know you aren’t getting tired on me are you, beautiful?” Merrick said.

Oh. My. Damn.

His voice was euphonious! It was deep, sensual and soothing. It vibrated through me and delivered a controlled yet peaceful vibe that put my body at ease.

A needy moan escaped my lips as I gradually swept my tongue over the length of him.

“I could never get tired when the dick tastes as good as yours,” I responded, glancing up at him.

He smiled down at me, a pleased expression on his face. 

“In that case, put your hands behind your back so that I can make sure you taste all of it.”

“Whatever you say,” I replied with a flirty grin. 

After kissing the tip, I released him and placed my hands behind my back. Immediately Xavier gripped my wrists with one of his hands and held them in place. He used his other hand to reposition my waist before his relentless pounding resumed.

“Fuuuckkk, your pussy feels so good,” Xavier grunted. I tossed my ass back a few times, maximizing his efforts and feeling a new spike in pleasurable sensations of my own.

Then, I opened wide and stuck out my tongue, allowing Merrick to coax his dick into my mouth, stretching my lips further and further apart with each inch. He put one leg on the bed, tightened his hold on my head, and began slipping that tasty dick in and out of my mouth. 

My shoulders relaxed, and my lips tightened around his member. I loved sucking dick, and I knew how to suppress my gag reflex, which meant he could fuck my mouth all night if he wanted to.

“That’s it whore, suck that cum right out of my dick,” Merrick said with a relaxed sigh as he pumped his hips.

His actions, accompanied by the use of such a dirty word jabbed into me. No guy had ever called me a whore before, and shit… I think I liked it. It fueled something within me and I found myself sucking so hard you would have thought I was trying to leave a hickey. 

I hummed hungrily on his manhood, my need to please him increasing with each moan that escaped his lips. 

Xavier suddenly found my spot again, and the realization that I had two men using me to get off magnified my arousal.

I could tell they both were closing in on their climax, but the only man I cared about was the one I faced. I wanted him to cum so badly that it almost felt like my orgasm was intertwined with his.

“Shit!” Xavier suddenly exclaimed. 

He jerked hard and dug his fingers into my lower back as he came. The pressure prompted me to respond and I wiggled my ass and twirled my tongue faster, trying to keep up with the needs of both men. 

It wasn’t long before Xavier went slack, breaking his grip on my wrists. He withdrew from me, and now I was free to use my hands again… perfect.

Merrick was still holding on strong, but not for long. I grabbed his ass and pulled him as deep into my mouth as possible, swallowing several times. The technique caused my throat to contract around him repeatedly, and a few seconds later, his thick, warm release spilled down my throat.

When he was done, Merrick stepped back and stared down at me, his chest heaving.

“A woman that enjoys pleasing,” he said. “If I am not mistaken, I do believe you enjoyed that just as much as I did.”

Getting up on my knees, I licked my lips slowly before blowing him a kiss. “Oh, I definitely enjoyed it more than you.”

The way he looked at me was animalistic. Equally dangerous and enthralling, compelling me to hold his gaze. He bit his lower lip, revealing perfect white teeth, then slowly released it, making my aching center quake. 

I slid my hand down my stomach and between my thighs to massage my swollen clit. I still hadn’t come yet, so I was ready for more action.

“I got it from here,” Merrick suddenly said to Xavier without taking his eyes off me.

His tone was direct and unapologetic. I turned to look at Xavier. He was still naked, standing over the trashcan, about to drop the used condom inside. 

Xavier smirked, and a knowing look passed between the two men while feelings of irritation ignited in me. 

What the hell is going on? I wondered.

“Sure thing,” Xavier said. 

Without another word, he got dressed and gave me a wink before leaving the room.

“What the hell was that?!” I exclaimed once Xavier left. I was feigning annoyance because truth be told, I didn’t care that Xavier was gone, but I didn’t want Merrick to know that. “You can’t just end my threesome. I asked for both of you, not just one.” 

Merrick placed one knee on the bed and slowly climbed in towards me and I began to back up. I wasn’t sure why, but something about his gaze told me this was about to get real serious.

“Beautiful, I already told you, sharing isn’t my thing. And if you wanted him to stay, you would have objected before he left.”

I continued to pretend like the fact that this man was coming toward me with only one goal in mind didn’t thrill me to my very core.

As I moved back, Merrick drew closer. He was so enticing, with all his muscles, vigor and extraordinary good looks. He smiled at me, displaying two deep dimples that increased my weakness for him. The tension between us was so magnetic that I had no idea how to handle this situation. 

What was my next move here? Make a snappy comeback? Yank him to me for a kiss?

Normally, I could hold my own and take what I wanted from men, but this man was something totally different. I could feel it. 

Deciding to utilize my nonchalant attitude, hoping it would make me appear more in control and fearless, I said, “Who cares what your thing is. And if you don’t like sharing, you did a great job doing it for the first half of the night.” 

My smart-aleck response didn’t phase him in the least. 

“That was before I liked you,” he said.

I glanced down, his dick was still hard and it made my mouth water and my pussy pulsate.

Rolling my eyes, I curtly said, “Do you make a habit of sleeping with women you don’t like?” 

“Do you make it a habit of fucking men you don’t know?” he retorted casually. 

I opened my mouth to respond, but nothing came out. Merrick stopped moving. He was now fully facing me, and I was back as far as I could go, halted by the headboard and a large euro pillow cushioning my back.

Merrick cocked a brow. “Are you done debating with me?”

“Maybe,” I said, crossing my arms. My nipples were hard as shit. “Why?”

“Because I noticed you haven’t cum yet. Do us both a favor and stop talking so I can remedy that for you.” 

I wanted to curse him out, but he looked so scrumptious that even in my annoyance I craved more of what he was offering.

“Are you sure you can take care of it? Maybe you need some help to handle a woman like me.”

Merrick’s eyes narrowed and his expression became unreadable.

“Face the headboard,” he ordered with a nod.

“Why?” I asked.

His lips lifted at the corners. “Trust me, you’re going to need something to hold on to.”

Some guys talk a big game. Like they were high achievers when they were actually losers boosting themselves up. Well, in this case. Merrick was taking home the championship trophy. 

I should have known by the way he entered me that I was in trouble. He used two fingers to massage my pussy and stretch it open before sheathing his spasm-inducing dick into me. From there, I was at a loss, not just for words, but for how to contain myself.

When he said I would need something to hold on to, he wasn’t kidding. If I let go of this headboard, I wasn’t certain that my soul wouldn’t leave my body. Waves of arousing sensations held me captive as they vibrated through me. Thrust after orgasmic-building thrust forced me further out of my reality into a world I had never experienced. 

Who is he? And how is he doing this?!

I clutched, clawed, and damn near climbed that headboard as my impending climax began to stir within me, threatening to shatter me from the inside out.

“Do you still taste my cum on your tongue?” he suddenly asked. 

His voice was so deep and demanding it sent shivers through me.

“Yes… Yes… I do,” I cried out.”

“Good. I want you to savor that taste and never forget how much you enjoyed being my whore tonight.”

His dirty talk was undoubtedly drawing my orgasm to the surface.

“I won’t,” I promised.

Wrapping one large hand around my waist and using the other to flatten my upper body against the bed. I was forced to release the headboard and find a new anchor – the edges of the mattress.

I wanted to participate and keep up was his thrusts, but none of that was possible. He was driving this vehicle. I was merely along for the ride. There was hair pulling and nail biting– both things done by me, to me. 

It sounds dramatic, but I had no idea if I was coming or going. I just needed to catch a grip of something… anything and Merrick was not making that easy. 

He lifted my waist, digging his dick deep into me as his experienced hands explored my body, toyed with and squeezed my nipples, caressed my abdomen, and applied pressure, not just on, but around my clitoris.

I swore, I screamed and I just knew things couldn’t get any more intense. 

But when he leaned close and whispered, “cum for me,” into my ear, it felt like a damn broke and my orgasm was so powerful I momentarily blacked out. 

Everything went dark and all sound ceased as my body surrendered to his command. I was floating and shaking, with my fingers locked around the sheet so tight I tore it from the corners of the bed.

“What… the… fuck,” I said, breathing so hard I could barely get the words out. 

I wasn’t sure if it were a question, a statement, or an inner thought I’d accidentally shared out loud.

“You did good,” Merrick said, pulling out of me.

“Huh?” I said, trying to roll over. My weak limbs still weren’t functioning properly.

“I said you did good. You lasted longer than I expected.” 

“Uh huh,” was all I managed to say.

What the hell did that mean?

It felt like he was talking in circles. I don’t think he even came this time, and if he didn’t that was his loss. I was exhausted and satisfied, which meant it was time to go.

He tossed his condom into the trash and walked over to my side of the bed. 

“Need some help sitting up?” he asked with a smirk.

“No, I’m good,” I replied, cutting my eyes at him. He was so smug.

It took me three attempts to finally sit up. The whole time Merrick watched me with that damn arrogant grin on his gorgeous face. We both knew he’d just owned my ass. 

Thankfully, he let me get myself together without making any further comments so that I could at least leave with some dignity.  

“You’re welcome to stay if you’d like,” he offered, getting back into the bed. 

I was already zipping up my skirt and sliding my foot into my glossy, black heels. 

“No, I’m good,” I said, locating my purse.

But was I? I didn’t want to leave his arms, let alone his presence.

Don’t look back. Don’t look back. 

The chant reminded me of the warning given to Orpheus by Hades in Greek Mythology. If I looked back, this magical man would likely vanish, and my night with him would be nothing more than a dream. 

Just grab your stuff and leave.

I adjusted the purse strap on my shoulder and placed my hand on the knob. In my mind, I would say, “see ya” and disappear into the night, but when he called out to me, I froze.

“You aren’t going to tell me your name?” he said.

Dammit! I couldn’t help but look. One last look. 

Thank goodness he didn’t disappear. As a matter of fact, it was like I was seeing him for the first time all over again, and damn, he was beautiful. His insanely attractive face, flawless chocolate skin, and long sculpted body stretched out on an opulent bed fit for royalty made my knees weak.

Fortunately for me, the headboard carried no traces of the assault it took from a mad woman coming undone. With one arm bent and resting behind his head, Merrick looked completely unbothered and in his element.

I was positive that he was the type of man that could pull me into places I didn’t want to go, make me say things that I would later regret, and have me questioning if my choices to avoid commitments were wrong. 

Bottom line, he was dangerous. Therefore, I would stick to my original plan.

“My name,” I said boldly, “is not important. I got what I came for.” 

Then with great effort, I tore my eyes away and exited the room, already emotionally crushed that I would never get to have sex with him again. 

Chapter 2 – “Think with your pussy.”

My best friend’s mouth hung open and she held two fingers in the air. I ignored her and took a bite out of my delectable gourmet burger from my absolute favorite burger spot. It had extra pickles and mustard, just the way I liked it. 

Mmm Tangy.

Jada and I were having our bi-monthly girl’s night at my place. We had been doing these for the last three years religiously. A night filled with eating yummy food, venting about work and personal issues, and taking part in a few at-home spa treatments always made me feel exuberant.

Our time spent decompressing was not only beneficial for my mental health but for my skin. Our yogurt and honey DIY face masks were amazing. After every treatment, my bronze-colored skin was flawless and glowed like the sun. 

I also noticed that the jury paid closer attention when they had something, or rather someone, nice to look at, and hey, I would take any help I could get.

I placed my burger back on my plate, and Jada ever so casually pulled the entire tray of food from in front of me and pushed it aside. 

“Hey!” I objected through a mouth full of food.

She waved me off. 

“Jocelyn, two dicks! Don’t you think you’ve had enough meat for the week?” 

I finished chewing and swallowed. 

“Not at all,” I replied, reaching for my food, but she swatted my hand. 

It was my own fault, really. I should have known better than to mention my threesome with two strangers during dinner.

“We are not eating right now. We are talking,” Jada said, pushing her food aside as well. “You finally got your fantasy and I want all the details. Who were they? How was it? Awkward? Fantastic? Are you going to see them again?”

I sat back and sighed. At this rate, my stomach was going to eat itself. I hadn’t eaten all day, and now I was paying for it, but I knew Jada wouldn’t rest until she heard everything.

“Calm down! Their names were Merrick and Xavier.” I paused to think about it because now I wasn’t sure. “Okay, wait, maybe their names were Morris and Xander. Shit, I don’t know.”

Jada gaped and gripped the table, stunned.

My poor friend had just closed her mouth after getting over the initial shock, and now here it was, hanging open again.

“You don’t even know their names? I’m no saint Jocelyn, but that’s bold even for you.”

“What can I say?” I shrugged. “I was feeling adventurous.”

“Clearly. Did they at least know each other?”

“Yeah, they were friends. I think since childhood or something, but I was only half listening.” 

“Too busy trying to get to the sex, huh?” Jada asked.

“You know my motto…” 

“Think with your pussy,” Jada finished with a laugh. “You act like such a guy sometimes. Sex is always on your mind.” 

She grabbed a fry and motioned for me to continue. I thought about her questions. 

“Let’s see,” I said, holding up a finger each time I answered. “One was the CEO of a construction company. The other was a professional hockey player who lives in Canada.”

“Professional hockey player?!” Jada almost screamed. “Oh, this is too good. Get to the sex. How was it?”

Reaching the almost foot away, where Jada had pushed my tray, I grabbed a fry then dipped it into ketchup. I shoved it into my mouth and took my precious time answering.

I wasn’t sure how forthcoming I wanted to be. Not because I didn’t want her to know, but because I felt certain I would never have sex that amazing again. The thought kind of dampened my mood. 

“It was alright, but mostly because of Merrick/Morris,” I said, combining the two names since I was no longer sure.

“Which one is that again?”

“He’s the businessman.”

“Oh wow, so that means the hockey guy wasn’t as talented in bed as he is on the ice?”

I nodded, and Jada seemed a little disappointed. 

Guilt washed over me. I hated not being completely truthful with her, but I had no choice.

“Never forget how much you enjoyed being my whore tonight,” he had said.

The erotic memories were already forcing their way to the surface. 

That’s just great, I thought sarcastically. Now, I’ll be spending all night with my vibrator between my legs.

 “I’m sorry, Jocelyn,” Jada suddenly said. “You finally get your fantasy and it was only alright.” 

Yeah, if alright means he had me gasping for air and almost put me in a coma.

“Pretty much,” I said. “Don’t get me wrong, though. I did have fun.”

“So much fun that you don’t want to see either of them again,” Jada commented snidely, crossing her arms.

She wanted me to meet a guy and fall madly in love, but I wasn’t looking for that and she knew it. 

Still, Jada hoped that one day I would tire of the sex without commitments lifestyle and things would transform into a romantic love story, but she was wasting her time. I had never had a serious relationship in my life, why break the record now? 

“Sorry, girlie,” I said, pulling my tray over. “This won’t be the romance story you have been waiting for. It was a wonderful night. Now back to my regularly scheduled program.”

“Not even with Aaron?” she asked, almost pleading. “He really likes you.”

I let out a frustrated grunt. Aaron and I broke up eight months ago, but I kept him around for the sex, even though I hadn’t slept with him for over three months. 

“Nope. You already know I only keep Aaron around for a good time and because I’ve known him for years.”

“Which is why I don’t understand. Obviously, the chemistry is there. What’s wrong with giving him a chance?”

“If you like him so much, maybe you should date him?”

Her response was to give me her piercing lawyer stare. I remember we’d both spent hours practicing them on each other, and now they were perfect. 

“Jada, Aaron wants something serious and you know I don’t do serious relationships. I don’t mind the fun dates, but if he is envisioning marriage and kids… I want no part of it.”

“You’re still going to keep doing that, huh?” Jada said, giving me a pitying look. 

I knew what she was thinking. The only reason I feared commitment was due to the less-than-favorable marriage my mom had with my stepdad, Gary. 

I’ll be the first to admit that that definitely didn’t help convince me, but it wasn’t the reason I avoided commitment. 

I simply wasn’t interested in it. Besides, I knew healthy relationships existed; I grew up surrounded by one. Before Gary, my parents had been married for twenty years. My dad was the best father and husband my mom and I could have ever asked for.

However, over my adult life, I quickly learned that many men, or at least the ones I attracted, were only interested in one thing… and it wasn’t a happily ever after. 

They wanted sex and lots of it. Luckily for them, I enjoyed the X-rated sport as much as they did, probably even more so. It was my stress reliever that always delivered and held no empty promises. 

If I needed life or mental fulfillment, my career could do that. It allowed me to focus on things bigger than myself, fight for the victims and focus any anger or hurt into something a lot more productive. 

“You know,” Jada said, cutting into my thoughts. “One day, you will meet a guy that changes all that for you.”

“You mean like you have?” I said sarcastically.

Rolling her eyes, Jada pointed a fry at me. 

“Listen, smart ass. We both are beautiful, successful, considerate and intelligent women. One day we will find the men that suit us perfectly.”

“The yin to our respective yang,” I added, poking fun at her.

Jada ignored the tone in my less-than-thrilled response. 

“Exactly! Maybe we both are too busy with work and enjoying life right now, but you mark my words when we least expect it, love will show up.”

“You think so, huh?”

“I know so. And when it happens, I will force you into it kicking and screaming if I have to.”

Jada’s cell began to ring and she excused herself to take the call. I watched her hurry off in her sumptuous white robe, our comfy attire for girl’s night, and smiled. We’d been friends for a long time and she was like the sister I never had.

Growing up, I was an only child and although my parents spoiled me with their love and time, I did long for a sibling. 

I felt like the odd kid out, always having to invite a friend over for outings at the carnival or theme parks that required me to have a partner. Part of me believed I was at a disadvantage as if something was missing in my life.

Then, when my dad died, I learned firsthand what “missing” truly felt like. His absence subjected me to pain much greater than anything I could have ever imagined. 

I had no idea how I would continue to go on, but I eventually did. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I could say the same about my mom. 

Staring out of my kitchen window into the night, I felt defeated. My mom had been with Gary, my self-centered asshole of a stepdad, for ten years. 

From her perspective, which is quite flawed, Gary pulled her out of a dark tunnel during the lowest point in her life. The truth was if he did pull her out of one miserable reality, it was only because he planned to drown her in another.

My dad was my mom’s soulmate and if I thought losing him broke my heart, it completely shattered hers. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, then, eventually, years, I watched my mother gradually fade away.

At first, the changes were subtle. For instance, she’d cancel our plans at the last minute. When I’d try to reschedule, she’d say she would get back to me but didn’t until I pressed her repeatedly.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see the ever-growing shadows in her eyes or hear the ache that laced her words whenever my father was mentioned. Nevertheless, I believed in time it would get easier.

Well, it didn’t. 

Two years later, my mom suffered a fall due to dizziness and fatigue. We later learned that she was in the early stages of chronic kidney disease. Everything went downhill fast after that. 

She no longer wanted to do anything enjoyable, barely ate, and I was convinced she planned to give up on life altogether and join my dad. 

Four years after my father’s death, my mom met Gary, and I thought my prayers had been answered. 

Suddenly she was getting dressed for dates, laughing easier, and found the courage to pack up my dad’s clothes and donate them to a local homeless shelter. 

Happiness didn’t begin to describe how I felt. I had my mom back, and it seemed our period of suffering had ended. That was until that dreadful day Gary came home drunk. 

He’d lost his job and was in a sour mood. My mom tried to be encouraging, but he wasn’t hearing it. He was angry at the world and someone had to pay. I guess that unlucky person was my mom because he hit her. 

The action was unforgivable to me, but after dozens of apologies, pleadings, and gifts, it appeared my mom didn’t share my sentiments.

“Hey, sorry about that,” Jada said, approaching the table. Her brows furrowed. “Are you okay? Before I left you seemed happy. Now…” she motioned to my face.

With my mind reeling, my appetite was gone. I got up from the table and went to the couch, with Jada following close behind. 

“I quit my job a few days ago.”

Her eyes widened. “At Schneider & Jones? You’ve worked at that law firm for five years. Why didn’t you say anything?”

I gave her a look. She knew better than anyone that I hated sharing my troubles. Jada moved closer to me on the couch and placed an arm around me. 

“Now that spontaneous threesome makes a lot more sense,” she said more to herself than me. “What happened, Jocelyn?”

“I got a heads up from Vance. You know the guy that keeps me in the loop about all the illegal stuff going on within the company?”


“Well, all of their underhanded shit is catching up to them. They are about to be sued by a major corporation. From what I gathered, not only is this lawsuit going to bankrupt them, but it will tarnish their name big time. Any lawyer working for them when the suit is filed, involved or not, will be looked at suspiciously as they try to move forward to find new employment. I wasn’t sticking around for them to destroy my name too.”

“Wow. Is Vance sure?”

I nodded sadly.

“Positive. His brother works for the company that is suing Schneider & Jones. Plus, Vance showed me the paperwork. They are serving the company in less than thirty days.”

“Damn. I am so sorry. Any leads on what to do next?”

“I have a few, but nothing that enthuses me. As crooked as they were, I earned an excellent salary. It might be hard to match it.”

“That’s terrible, Jocelyn. I can’t believe you didn’t say anything.”

“It wouldn’t have mattered, but I have to find something fast. On top of my own expenses, I still pay most of my mom’s bills.”

Jada sat forward abruptly.

“You’re still doing that?! I thought Gary would start chipping in when he got that warehouse job.” 

Even mentioning the name of that atrocious man made my blood boil.

“No, he isn’t pitching in. That heartless bastard gambles all his money away. And even though keeping a roof over my mom’s head is resulting in sheltering him by default, I don’t exactly have a choice.”

I sunk back onto the couch and groaned. My frustrations with Gary ran deep, especially since I now suspected he was abusing her. My mom was the sweetest woman in the world and didn’t deserve any of this. 

Due to her medical issues and age, she couldn’t work. However, any money my mom received, she happily offered to me to put towards the bills. I never took it because I could always afford it, but if I didn’t find a job soon, that would all change.

“It’s going to be alright, Jocelyn. And if you need anything, anything at all, just tell me. I’ll be glad to help.” 

Jada accompanied her encouraging words with a delicate pat on my knee. 

I gave her a genuine smile. “Thanks, chica, but I’ll be fine. Everything will sort itself out.”

“You are always trying to be so strong. It’s okay to need help sometimes.”

I faced my dear friend and took her hands in mine. 

“Jada, your friendship is the best thing you can offer me, and it’s all I need. Don’t worry. I got this under control.”


I did not have this, that, or anything else for that matter, under control. I had officially been unemployed for an entire week and things were not sorting themselves out. 

My one possible lead was a legal position at the courthouse. A friend promised to put in a good word for me, and after seeing the giant pay cut I would be taking, I had a few words of my own, but they weren’t good. 

Needless to say, my usual optimism was taking a rapid nosedive.

All morning, I searched online for other options, but I kept failing to find jobs that collectively met my legal expertise, preferred distance, and salary requirements.

That was until now.

Business lawyer wanted… uh-huh, that’s me… with at least five years of experience… me again…located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta… yes! I only lived ten minutes away from the city… salary is… my eyes continued scanning the post with eagerness and anticipation… $55K a year.

I slammed the laptop shut.

At Schneider and Jones, I made $85K a year. My next job would need to meet or exceed that amount. 

“Alright,” I said aloud. “Get yourself together. You’ve got this. You have always had this and if anyone can figure it out, you can.” 

Hearing myself speak calmed the anxiety rising within me. There was no need to worry about anything. Not only had I built up a safety net of almost ten thousand dollars, but I was also resourceful and single. Cutting back on expenses would be easy until I found something suitable.

I quickly did the math. The money in my account could cover me for at least six months. Then, I remembered my mother’s expenses, and just like that, I was down to three months.

With another pitiful sigh, I decided to end my suffering early and abandon the job search for today. Tomorrow I would drop off my application at the courthouse and begin my search all over again.

For now, I poured myself a bowl of chips and a tall glass of wine before plopping down on the couch. Briefly, I considered calling Aaron but instantly decided against that. 

Our last conversation was three months ago and it did not end well. We’d just had sex, and Aaron must have been lost in the hazy afterglow because he started pressing me to reconsider getting serious with him.

I declined gently at first, trying not to hurt his feelings. I may not have wanted a commitment, but I did want a friendship. Aaron was a wonderful guy, attractive, and financially secure. We got along well. 

From his perspective, we were the perfect fit. If I could only “let go of my stubbornness,” his words, not mine, I would see that I could be happy with him.

The only thing I ended up letting go of was spending time with him after the intended lighthearted conversation turned into a full-fledged argument. 

I stormed out and hadn’t contacted him since. A few times, he reached out to me, but I didn’t answer. We wanted two entirely different things, no need to waste each other’s time.

Opening the music app, I pressed play on my jazz playlist and curled up on the couch for some much-needed mental relaxation. 


My time at the courthouse was very productive, which I took to mean my luck was looking up. Not only was I able to drop off my resume, but I also completed an interview with Brandon Sommen, the hiring manager. 

Throughout the entire process, Brandon made it abundantly clear that he was very interested in hiring me. I figured he would be since they would be getting a lawyer as qualified as I was for practically pennies. 

Then, when he officially offered me the position, I lied and said I would weigh it against my other offers and let him know early next week. I wasn’t exactly gung ho about the pay or boring and repetitive cases I would be working on.

Now, with a fail-safe in place and my usual optimistic mood rebuilding itself, I headed towards the courthouse exit. 

My phone buzzed inside my purse, and I stopped near a corner wall and checked it. I would hate for it to be a job interview near this part of town and I miss the call.

However, it wasn’t a job. It was a lively telemarketer offering me an all-expenses-paid vacation. I politely declined the “deal of a lifetime” and ended the call. 

Sliding my phone back into my purse, I felt my stomach tighten and heart kick up a thousand notches when a familiar, panty-wetting, deep male voice said, “Isn’t this a pleasant surprise?”

Chapter 3 – “I’m not into whips and chains.”

I had to be dreaming.

It was him… the guy from the threesome. And not the cute one with the wonky dick, but the sinfully sexy one that owned my body as no other man had.

He was definitely a lot taller than my five feet five inches, causing me to tilt my head up awkwardly since we were standing so close to one another. 

Under the glorious light of day, I had no problem determining that his toned body and extremely attractive features set him apart from most of the men that surrounded us. 

I even caught several women stealing admiring glances at him as they walked by. 

Up until now, I figured maybe I had imagined his good looks, exquisite charm, and the almost mystical effect he had on my body. But no, he was everything and more.

“Oh, hi umm…”

“Merrick,” he interjected, extending his hand. “And please tell me I will have the pleasure of knowing your name this time.”

Shaking his hand, I resisted the urge to ask for a quickie by remaining ladylike and giving him my best professional smile. 

“It’s Jocelyn.”

“Nice to officially meet you, Jocelyn.”

Come on! I mentally groaned. This isn’t fair. Even the way he says my name makes me want to melt into a puddle all over the floor.

“What brings you to the courthouse?” Merrick asked. “I hope nothing illegal.”

There was no way I was telling him I was unemployed. I’d already slept with the guy, and admitting that I also didn’t have a job made me sound pathetic.

“No, I’m being a good girl this time,” I said, hoping he caught my flirtatious hint. 

I knew the instant he did because his eyes bore into mine so intently I felt like I could see our night of passion replaying through them.

“What about yourself?” I asked.

Lifting a thick white envelope, he said, “I’m dropping off some legal documents for my company. I normally don’t take care of this, but we are currently in need of someone to run our legal department.”

Alarm bells rang out in my head, but I held my tongue. Working with Merrick would be far too tempting. I’d be trying my hardest to get some boss with benefits action.

We watched each other in silence for the longest time while our eyes communicated what our words could not. I drank in the sight of him like a woman dying of thirst. 

Merrick wore navy blue pants with a vest to match and an all-white button-down underneath. His black hair was low and wavy, begging me to reach out and touch it. His brown skin held no blemishes but easily showcased his two deep dimples.

He was perfection. 

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, and just like the first time, I still hated the idea of leaving him.

“It was nice seeing you again,” I said regrettably, “but I must get going.”

I assumed my goodbye would be accompanied by my legs carrying me out the door, but they weren’t cooperating. It appeared that my body had severed the connection from my brain because it wanted to stay. 

Merrick was calling out to it, and I’ll be damned if my hardened nipples, aching center, and tingling skin didn’t want to hear him out. 

“Why don’t you let me take you to lunch?” he said.

Nope, I’m good. I thought.

“Sure, why not?” I said out loud instead.


An hour later, we had settled into a booth at a cute little cafe within walking distance of the courthouse. In front of me sat a half-eaten blueberry bagel and a warm cup of honey lavender tea, and laid out before Merrick was an empty plate. 

He’d ordered a grilled chicken breast with a side of seasoned vegetables and had since devoured it all. 

The man-made eating look like a sensual task, and I enjoyed every minute of watching that chiseled jaw work as he chewed and swallowed. I vaguely wondered if his healthy eating was part of the reason his body looked so delectable, then forced myself to pull my mind out of the gutter. 

While eating, we engaged in general conversation, warming up to each other. 

I was pleased to learn that Merrick was single, with no kids, and had never been married. He reminded me about the construction company he owned with his best friend and business partner, Ashton, but I didn’t know that he was also part owner of the hotel where our raunchy rendezvous occurred. 

His friend Xavier was back in Canada getting ready for hockey season and likely only considered our night another wild notch in his belt.

I shared similar information about myself – single, no kids, never married, and over eight years of experience as a business lawyer. 

As I took another sip of tea, Merrick’s eyes raked over me, spending a noticeable amount of time on my mouth and breasts. 

“Being a lawyer suits you,” he said. “It fits your personality. Who do you work for?”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to answer his question because I didn’t want to share too much about myself, but I did so anyway.

“At the moment, no one. But before I quit my job last week, I worked for Schneider and Jones handling the legal matters of their LLC clients.”

Merrick lifted his glass of water to his lips. Without taking his eyes off me, he took a sip, then asked, “Why did you quit?”

I grabbed a small piece of my bagel to not only enjoy another doughy, sweet, tart taste of diced blueberries but to buy time.

“They just weren’t a good fit for me anymore.”

He nodded. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could tell I was lying. Undoubtedly those damn observant eyes of his could read me like a book. 

“You know this is fate, right?” he said.

“For you, maybe. I don’t believe in fate. Life is what you make it.”

“Right,” he said, stretching out the word. “You’re a lawyer and all about logic.”

“Yes, I am. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing at all.” 

He moved his water aside. I couldn’t help but notice his hands. My mind instantly flooded with memories of those hands all over my body… touching me…unraveling me… controlling me. 

“Tell me the reason you were at the courthouse?” he asked, disrupting my fantasy.

“I already told you.”

“No, you didn’t. You dodged the question.”

Inwardly I grumbled. I hated when guys asked me questions about my life. It’s not like they really wanted to know. Why couldn’t we skip the pleasantries and go straight to the sex?

I want your dick, not a date, I thought to myself. Hoping he could read my mind. 

Once I told him I didn’t have a job, I could predict his next move. He would pretend to care and make a weak attempt at saving the day.

Since he was still waiting on a response, it proved I wasn’t telepathic, and I’d need to answer his probing question to get him off my back. 

Exhaling, I ran my fingers through my loose, curly hair and gave him a tight smile. 

“I was dropping off my resume.”

Merrick’s brows lifted and his eyes dropped to my mouth again. 

“A lawyer with your background and skill set would be an asset at Dual. You should come and work for me.”

And there it was, the pretend offer I did not want to hear. I knew it would come up as soon as I divulged my current employment status. Why wouldn’t it? He already said at the courthouse that his company needed a lawyer. The natural next step would be to mention it to me.

The problem was, yes, I needed a job, but not a job working for him. The only reason he was even offering it was out of pity. We’d enjoyed a magnificent night together. Now he thought he owed me something. He didn’t. 

I’d waste my time doing an interview only for him to say the company decided to go another direction. He’d have a clear conscience, and I’d still be jobless. I knew how these things went.

“I don’t think working for you would be a good idea,” I said, politely.

“Is it because you can’t stop thinking about me?” he said. 

His arrogance made me laugh and directed the conversation exactly where I wanted it to go, sex.

Hmm, maybe I am telepathic.

“I won’t lie, Merrick, you are hard to forget. Any guy that fucks me the way you did, deserves his spot in my top ten.”

“Ouch!” he replied, feigning hurt. “And here it was I thought I was your number one.”

Oh, he was my number one and we both knew it. Honestly, I was now convinced that what I was having before him wasn’t sex, pleasurable rough housing maybe, but definitely not sex.

“You weren’t a big deal,” I lied. “Plus, you were closer to being number ten than you were to being number one. But who knows, if I ever sleep with you again, maybe you’ll have the chance to redeem yourself.”

“If you start working for me, my chance can be in a few weeks.” 

I shook my head and laughed. “Are you always like this? Flirting and saying whatever comes to mind just to get a woman into bed.”

“I don’t have to lie to get women into bed. They go willingly.”

I’ll bet they do.

As if I needed proof, our waitress Lacy, came over and cleared the table removing everything except our drinks. The way she stared at Merrick and took extra time wiping the area in front of him wasn’t lost on me. 

Then she stepped back, smiled, and… was that a wink?

“Well,” Lacy said, balancing a stack of dishes on her shoulder. “do either of you need anything else? Anything at all?” 

Her eyes were on Merrick the entire time, her attraction to him unmistakable.

“I’m fine,” Merrick said. 

“Me too,” I agreed, not that she even looked at me.

“Alright, I will be back shortly with your check,” Lacy said.

I kept my thoughts to myself about the waitress. I couldn’t fault her for being drawn to Merrick. The woman obviously had good taste. I dove back into the conversation.

“So, if you aren’t lying, what exactly are you saying?” 

I picked up my tea once again to taste the lovely honey and soothing lavender.

“I’m offering you the job of being,” he hesitated a moment, then a smile spread across his face, “my mouthpiece.”

I almost spit out my drink. 

Covering my mouth, I swallowed and cleared my throat before asking, “What the hell is a mouthpiece?!”

Laughing, Merrick said, “It’s slang for lawyer. You’ve never heard of it?”

“No,” I said, already reaching for my phone to do a quick search. 

Sure enough, there it was. 

The informal/slang definition of “mouthpiece” was a lawyer (or anyone) that speaks on behalf of another person or organization.

“Damn,” I said, putting my phone back down. “You learn something new every day. I have never heard of that. Although now that I think about it, I get the correlation. It still sounds kind of dirty, though.”

“That’s because, in our case, it would be.”

I leaned in. He had all my attention. “I like dirty, go on.”

“The first night I met you, you gave me one of the best blowjobs I’d had in a long time.”

I glanced over my shoulder to make sure no one was nearby. “Okay,” I said slowly, trying to follow. “You want me to legally represent your company and suck your dick every day?”

“I want you to legally represent my company, and I will give you the privilege of sucking my dick every day… amongst other things.”

His assumptive and rude correction should have made me want to flip this table over and storm out of the restaurant, but I won’t lie my curiosity was winning out. His unapologetic brashness was somehow sexy to me.

“The privilege, huh? Wouldn’t you say that your word choice is not only offensive but a bit possessive?”

“Not at all. I’m a dom and that is how I speak to all of my submissives.”

“Ah,” I said, understanding dawning. That explained his authoritative vibe and the relentless and ruthless way he took control of me that night. It was unforgettable. Even now, it made me quiver with delight and I wasn’t even his sub, which reminded me, “aren’t you missing something?”

“Such as,” he replied.

“I’m not your submissive, so you have no grounds to talk to me like one,” I said.

He whispered his assertive reply. “But you’re going to be.”

My brows lifted and I pointed to myself.

“Me, Jocelyn Milner, a submissive?” I said it as if repeating it would make him retreat, but of course, it didn’t. 

Instead, he merely stared at me with those intense, dark brown eyes waiting for my response. 

I knew a little about the whole dominant/submissive thing, albeit mostly from porn, but even then, it did intrigue me. I loved dominant men in the bedroom and preferred them actually, but that didn’t mean I was cut out to live that lifestyle.

“I love your enthusiasm, but I don’t think so. I’m not into whips and chains.”

He laughed, clearly amused by my assumption. Lacy returned and placed a black booklet containing the bill on the table. 

I almost reached for it, but Merrick pinned me with a stare. After inserting a $100 bill into it and pushing it toward the edge of the table, he said, “I’m not planning to use any whips on you.”

Paying attention to details is second nature to me, so it stood out that he only said whips, not chains. 

“And the chains?”

“What will I attach the ropes to if not the chains?” He replied casually.


I had the worst luck. Of course, the first guy to give me the type of sex I have only read about or seen in movies would be into something way out of my league.

“You are serious aren’t you?” I whispered. “You want me to volunteer so you can tie me up and beat me for your own twisted sexual hangups?”

“Jocelyn,” he said in that commanding tone. “Don’t assume that what you have heard about the BDSM community applies to all doms. Everyone makes their own rules.” 

“Enlighten me then. What does being your submissive look like?”

“Agree to review the contract and we will discuss everything in full detail.”

I studied him. I wanted him now. Screw that contract mess he was offering.

“I am fascinated, Merrick, I’ll give you that, but this may be a bit too much for me. It sounds like I would be agreeing to something complicated when all I really want is the sex.”

“Become my submissive and you will have lots of it.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and inched closer. My lawyer mode had been activated.

“How many women are you currently sleeping with?”

“Five,” he stated without hesitation.

“Shit! All at once?”

“Sometimes,” he said with so much insouciance, I was impressed.

“Are they all subs?”

“That’s all I deal with.”

“And what happens if I sign this agreement? Do I become sub number six?”

“They all go away.”

I rolled my eyes in disbelief. There was no way he would do that. We didn’t even know each other.

“You expect me to believe you will stop sleeping with all of them to start an arrangement with only me?”

He chuckled. “The lawyer in you shows quite easily. Listen, it’s not what you think. For me, this arrangement is a practical decision. The excitement of sleeping with numerous women has died out and become a headache. I’d much rather skip the emotional ties… and the condoms.”

Did he say skip the condoms? Oh, this keeps getting more and more indecorous.

“What about STDs or the risk of pregnancy?” I asked.

“As far as STDs, I’m clean. I can provide proof and will require a full medical report on you detailing the same. And as far as the risk of pregnancy, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you take birth control.”

“Aren’t you just insightful?” I said sarcastically. “Yes, I’m on birth control, but that doesn’t matter. This has danger signs written all over it. What if romantic feelings occur?”

Unbothered, he said, “I am open to a relationship if that’s the natural progression. Monogamy doesn’t terrify me.”

“If you are so open to it, why are you single?”

“Being open to it doesn’t mean I easily find what I am looking for.”

“In that case, I’ll save you some time. Romantically speaking, you aren’t looking for me. I don’t do relationships.”

“That’s because you were waiting for me.”

Sitting back, I crossed my arms, unsure what to make of this conversation. Lacy appeared and picked up the booklet. 

After glancing inside, she said, “I’ll be back with your change.”

“No need,” Merrick replied. “Thank you for everything.” 

Lacy stared, momentarily in shock. “Seriously! That’s over a sixty-dollar tip?”

Merrick smiled politely in response. 

“Looks like you’re as generous as you are handsome,” Lacy complimented. Turning to me she added, “You should definitely keep him.”

Lacy better be glad I wasn’t a jealous woman, or her head would be involuntarily kissing this floor. That was another reason I didn’t do relationships; no worries about cheating. Merrick was free to do what he wanted.

When she was out of earshot, I said, “I don’t know if I want to keep you. You seem like a lot of trouble.” 

“Only the good kind, I promise. Will you agree to my offer?”

“I’m thinking about it. Let’s discuss the legal position.” I said and began to fire off questions. 

“How do you know I would be a good lawyer for your company?”

“Call it a hunch.”

“What if your hunch is wrong?”

“I’ll fire you without hesitation.” 

“Don’t you have to run it by your business partner first?”

“He trusts my judgment.”

“And what if I get angry and sue you for sexual harassment?”

“Again, there’s a contract, remember?”

I shook my head. He had an answer for everything. 

“How much does this position pay?”

“I haven’t decided.” He drummed the table with his fingers and seemed to consider it. “What was your salary at your previous employer?”

“Eighty-five thousand,” I said, confident he wouldn’t match it.

“How does doubling that sound?”

My eyes bulged. 

“You’re going to pay me that much to have sex with you?”

“No, I will pay you that much to run our legal department, and trust me, you will earn every cent. The workload is extremely heavy and it takes up a lot of time. As far as being my submissive, I’m not going to pay you anything for that. You will do it because you want to.”

I rolled my eyes. 

“Sounds like I’m signing up to give you free ass.”

He released a low, deep chuckle, “And yet, I’ve already fucked you for free, remember?”

I bit my lower lip, my enjoyment of that memory evident in my response. “Oh, I do remember.”

“The point is, beautiful, I don’t think there is a price high enough to offer you in exchange for the pleasure of doing it consistently.”

“So you went with free?” I exclaimed. “I mean, I’m no prude, so if you offered me an additional twenty thousand for sex, I wouldn’t be offended.”

“Alright, done,” he said.

I laughed, but he didn’t.

Oh shit, he isn’t joking!

I exhaled and sat back in my chair. “I was kidding, Merrick.”

“I wasn’t. I believe you are what we need at Dual, and I know for a fact you would be a perfect sub.”

I studied him. Undoubtedly he had money. Curious as to how high he would go, I tossed out another number.

“Thirty thousand.”

Merrick sat back and remained silent so long I didn’t think he would respond. When he did, it was once again something I didn’t expect.

“Give me your hand.”

It was an odd request, but I reached across the table and deposited my hand into his. The connection between us sparked to life immediately. His hands were big, warm and soft, just like I remembered the night he used them to hold me in place and bang the breath out of me.

I had to stop this shit. What was it about him that pulled me in and made me want more?

Merrick moved his thumb ever so gently over the top of my hand. I sucked in a breath, anticipating his next words. My pussy was on fire. 

Damn his gorgeous face and charismatic ways!

“Jocelyn, we both know this isn’t about money but control. Therefore, I am not going to insult you by having a tactless negotiation over your body. In my mind, you are priceless.”

I just stared at him like a damn idiot. 

He kissed my hand, placed it on the table and stood. Before exiting the restaurant, he looked down at me and said, “I expect to hear from you by 9 o’clock tonight, agreeing to give me what I want.” 

Chapter 4 – “ What’s your safe word?”

I traveled down a long dark road with nothing in sight. Not one house, gas station, or other vehicle had been spotted for several miles as I drove further and further into the night toward an unknown destination.

I was certain that I was lost, but Merrick, speaking to me through my Bluetooth, assured me that I wasn’t. 

Who lived out in the middle of nowhere?” I wondered.

Giving up wasn’t something I did often, but in this case, I might have to throw in the towel. As bad as I wanted to see Merrick and enjoy another night of passion, I now felt out of place.

Being alone and proceeding down this winding dark road had me rethinking everything – accepting the job at Dual and being his fuck toy, or whatever he called it. Maybe it was all too much. Spontaneity could be fun, but this was wildly impetuous. 

The words, “Let’s do this another time,” were on their way out of my mouth when the road suddenly opened up, and a huge building stretched out before me.

In awe, I slowed to stare at it. It looked like a medieval castle. This could not be where Merrick lived. Count Dracula, maybe, but not a lively, handsome, single, CEO.

I glanced at the clock. It was 10:30 pm. When we spoke on the phone at 9, per his request, he asked me to be here by ten, and although I hated being late, I liked pushing his buttons more.

“I see you,” Merrick said. “Unlock your door, but do not get out of the car.” 

He ended the call and I began turning in all directions to check my surroundings.

Why did he say not to get out of the car? Was this a dangerous area or something? 

I knew thinking with my pussy was going to get me into trouble one day, which was totally unfair. Men thought with their dicks all the time and they survived… well, that one guy didn’t, boy did she do a number on him, the point was, I might end up dead all because I couldn’t resist a booty call.

I watched Merrick approach. He was all confidence and sex appeal wrapped into one. He opened my car door and extended his hand, helping me out.

“Is everything okay? Why didn’t you want me to get out of the car?”

“Everything is fine, beautiful. I simply wanted to open the door for you.”

Good looking and a gentleman. I could get used to being around him.

“Why are you late?” he asked. 

Up close, the building looked even more massive and intimidating. My eyes traveled the length of it before the structure disappeared behind a clutter of giant trees. 

There were probably close to thirty cars in the parking lot, but they were very spread out.

“I guess I drive slow,” I lied.

“Next time, leave earlier. I don’t tolerate tardiness.”

“Is that one of the rules for your submissives?”

“It is,” Merrick said.

“Do you have others?” 

“I do, but you will learn-as-you-go.”

He was still holding my hand. He hadn’t let it go since he helped me out of the car. Although simple, I found the gesture intimate and it made me feel safe. 

I glanced up at him as we continued our slow pace toward the door. In response, he gave me a look that made my lower half, way too excited.

“What happens if I don’t follow them?” I asked.

“I suggest you don’t fuck around and find out,” he said with a grin, his dimples making him appear innocent and jovial.

I know he was being serious but his tone was always so easygoing it put me at ease. I couldn’t wait to have him, or rather he, have me, on the regular, but for now, I was going to play this cool.

“I expect that you have a lot of questions for me. I always want you to feel free to ask any and everything you wish to know. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.”

That was a relief because this whole dominant/submissive arrangement was fascinating. Endless questions swam around in my head, but I assumed I wasn’t supposed to ask until he presented me with the contract.

“What is this place? I was expecting to go to your house.”

“I don’t take subs to my house. That is something you have to earn. This is a private club created for people in the BDSM community. It gives us a fun, safe place to play, meet and mingle.”

“Is this where I should meet you from now on?”

“No, this may be the first and last time I bring you here. However, I think it sets a good tone for what I expect from you.”

“Okay,” I said slowly, “so if we won’t be meeting here for sex or at your place, how do I get laid?”

Just hearing his infectious laugh made driving down that long winding road, fearing I was about to be a victim in a horror film, worth it.

“I love your sense of humor,” he said. “And in answer to your question, don’t worry I am very creative.”

My attention went back to the building. As sexually uninhibited as I was, I had never been to a sex club. We made our way to a tall, sleek black door with a gold doorbell shaped like a face and a blindfold covering the eyes.

Merrick pressed the button and immediately I heard a voice over the intercom say, “Name?”

“Sir Alexander,” Merrick said. 

There was a buzzing noise, then Merrick pulled the huge door open. 

“After you,” he said.

I stepped inside and looked around, spotting nothing and no one – just a long, dimly lit hallway with walls the color of red velvet and paintings of people in various sex positions.

“From this point on, you are to address me as sir.”

I half giggled and playfully rolled my eyes. My attention was on an image of a woman chained to a bed and eight naked men standing over her. 

The sarcasm seeped through my words when I said, “Okay, sir, whatever you say.”

Merrick spun me around and had my back against the wall in seconds, his hands on either side of my head, boxing me in. My heart sped up and my chest heaved. I was surrounded by his scent and power and ambiguous emotions awakened within me.

I’d never met anyone like him before. I wanted things with him, from him, for him, and I didn’t understand why.

Merrick bent down so that his lips were close to my ear. “You see Jocelyn, what you’re doing is fucking around. Now before you find out, I strongly suggest you show me some respect.”

Did it just get warm in here? What was happening to me?

What my mind couldn’t comprehend, my body could. Merrick was pure dangerous temptation and I wanted in on it. He backed away only mere inches to stare into my eyes. 

 “Consider that rule number two.”

There was no teasing in my tone when I said, “Yes, sir.”

Pushing away from the wall, Merrick took my hand, and we began walking again. From the pace we were moving, I assumed he was giving me a tour, wanting me to take it all in and determine if I could handle it.

“I can only imagine the type of sexual depravity that goes on behind these walls,” I said, my eyes darting around, noticing several plain black doors.

“You’re looking at it from a judgmental perspective. What you call depravity, others call preference. I’m sure you of all people, can understand that it’s okay to be into different things. Besides, nothing happens here without consent.” 

I considered his response and instantly felt guilty. He was right. I was the pot, judging the kettle.

“You do have a point. I certainly can’t judge people for what they’re into. Especially since I use sex like a pain pill.” 


“Sex is like a drug for me. It calms, or in some cases numbs, my emotions and gets me out of my head. Afterward, I feel balanced and focused.” 

“I understand.”

His response was so simple, yet somehow I felt like a giant weight had been lifted. I had never confessed that to anyone before. 

“So this is really a whole lifestyle for you?” I asked, still a bit astonished. 

“It is.”

At the end of the hall, we turned right and headed towards a large, winding staircase. Several closed doors had the words “Aftercare” engraved on them.

“What’s aftercare?” I asked.

“It’s where the dom takes their sub after a session. It allows for the involved parties to support one another, tend to wounds, or generally check in.”

Tend to wounds? Were we still talking about sex? 

I wasn’t going to tackle what he meant by wounds head-on, so I came from it another way.

“ And you’ve done tons of wild stuff to your subs before, like bondage? And spankings?” 

Merrick made a sound similar to a low laugh. Then he glanced at me and said, “Oh, Jocelyn, that’s on the light side. Don’t forget collaring, humiliation, caging and breath play. Those are some of my favorites.”

“Caging?” I tried to say it cooly, but it came out in a squeak. It wasn’t helping that the word “Wounds” flashed repeatedly in my mind like a warning sign.

“It’s when the sub is confined within a cage, giving the dom the feel of ownership and control over them.”

I swallowed hard. If he weren’t still holding my hand I might try to bolt. This was a lot.

“How do you know that you won’t seriously injure them or go too far?”

“It’s my job to know what’s too far. Anything I do in my role as a dom is not to be taken lightly and I do not abuse my power.”

My mind was blown. This was some hardcore shit. He had done things I’d never even heard of and while some sounded interesting, others were deeply terrifying. 

“But…you aren’t trying to do all those things to me, are you?”


I waited for him to say more, but he didn’t, which meant I would have to ask yet another question. I was starting to believe this was part of his technique to pull me out of my comfort zone.

“No, to which ones?” I asked.

Merrick stopped and faced me, my hand still settled, albeit shakily, in his.

“Hey, look at me,” he said, directing my eyes to his. They were full of compassion and patience. “I promise you, everything I do to you, you will want done. I am not going to harm you and I am not a sadist.” 

That made me feel better. However, he’d just mentioned another term I wasn’t fully familiar with. I should ask him if he can give me a book on terms to study. 

I grasped a much better understanding when I read things. Hours spent in the library with my head buried in a book helped me pass all of my law classes with flying colors. Maybe a book is what I needed here.

“I apologize for asking so many questions, and I hate to sound so naive, but define sadist?”

“Never apologize for needing clarification or having questions. I already told you I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. This is all new to you and it can be overwhelming.” He faced away and we started walking again. “A sadist is a person who enjoys seeing or gets off on inflicting pain on others. And before you ask, yes people consent to that because for them, being subjected to that pain is how they receive their sexual gratification. They are called masochists.”

Now that he’d explained, I recalled hearing the meaning before but always mixed the two up. Something tells me I wouldn’t be forgetting the meaning of either word ever again. 

I was feeling better, my shoulders were relaxed and I was breathing easier. 

Everything is fine.

Or I thought it was until I heard a woman scream. I almost jumped out of my skin and yanked my hand from Merrick’s hold, not needing to see the panic in my expression to know it was there. 

My eyes found his, and I began to back away, but before I put too much distance between us, Merrick’s arm shot out and stopped me, pulling me close.

“It’s okay, Jocelyn.”

“But someone’s screaming,” I said. “What’s going –“

“Yes, more! More!”

Now sheer enjoyment laced the woman’s begging words. 

Merrick stared down at me.

“She’s simply enjoying her spanking session, that’s all. Let’s go.”

We descended the stairs, and he led me to a room with a door that read “Sir Alexander”. After unlocking it, he held it open and waited for me to enter. Once I was safely inside, with no were to run, Merrick closed the door and leaned against it.

He remained silent, watching me while I took it all in. The room was a pleasant surprise – small, clean and not terrifying at all. Soft grey walls gave the room a cozy feel, and it smelled of fresh rosemary and geranium.

I turned to my right and found a wall decorated with more steamy photos like those in the building’s hallway entrance, provoking salacious urges that I hoped Merrick would fulfill soon.

As I continued to slowly spin, I was faced with a large wall that held several hooks placed high and low.

 I don’t want to imagine what those are you for.

The next area contained a large bed, a giant mirror, a chair attached to the metal pole behind it, and, in the corner, the biggest box I had ever seen. 

I was a few inches over five feet tall and that box must have almost reached my shoulder. I was positive it contained instruments of torture, or fun, depending on how you looked at it. 

A second look at the chair revealed bondage straps on the arms and legs.

I hope I don’t end up in that tonight, I thought.

The beam behind the chair stretched all the way up the extremely high ceiling. It must have been over ten feet tall, and I wondered why that was but wasn’t going to ask.

Now, 360 degrees later, I was back facing Merrick. He was still leaning against the door, but his hands were behind his back. This was the first time tonight I truly took in the sight of him. Now that I had the reason why I was here became crystal clear. 

I wanted Merrick anyway, and anyhow, I could get him. If I had to become his submissive in order to do that, then I was willing. 

Dressed in navy blue jeans and a black, collared shirt… his expression captured me. To put it plainly, Merrick looked like a sexy bad boy, up to no good, and because I couldn’t resist temptation, I wanted in on all the trouble.

“So what now?” I asked. My voice was low and soft.

“Take off your clothes.”

With instant obedience, I pulled my shirt over my head and slid my jeans down my waist. After removing everything, I placed my hands at my sides and awaited his instructions.

“In the box on the bed, I have something for you. Go put it on.”

I moved towards the bed, the soft wool carpet, a pleasant feeling underneath my bare feet. Opening the box, I found two items; A red, full-body leather harness covered in tiny diamonds and a masquerade-looking mask to match. They were stunning. 

The harness was laid out in a way that resembled a leotard, but where a leotard actually covered the body this one explicitly revealed it.

Lifting it from the package, I held it up and turned to Merrick.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yes sir, it’s beautiful,” I replied, pulling it on.

After fastening the last buckle, I spent a few minutes modeling it around the room for him. With the exception of the straps that connected between my thighs, ran up my sides, under my breasts, and fastened around my neck, I was completely nude. Regardless, I felt elegant and totally comfortable.

Merrick hovered close, admiring my body, the thick bulge in his pants revealing how much he liked it. However, I noticed he didn’t touch me.

“Your breast and ass look spectacular in this,” he complimented. 

I smiled with appreciation. 

“Before we begin, I need you to do something for me.”

“Anything, sir,” I replied.

“Even though there should be no cause for it since tonight is only a tester for you, I would still like for you to give me a safe word. If you are uncomfortable, in pain, or simply want out of the scene, you say that word, and I will end it.”

Immediately my mind conjured a word, or words, that I knew would snap me out of the moment, end the fantasy and remind me that life and people could be cruel. 

It was something I used to love, but due to an ugly and hurtful memory, I could no longer stomach the sight of them. “Red rose,” I said confidently.

THE END OF SAMPLE. Thank you for reading. 



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