I am an Inspiration – Young Girls Edition


Girls just want to have fun!



Girls just want to have fun! And a great deal of that fun can be had by creating an empowering, self-care, and self-love routine. That’s because what you believe manifests into who you become?

That is one reason why having a journal is so essential. The world can be a very stressful place. If you aren’t careful, the negativity will cancel out your positive energy.

It’s important to carve out time to reflect on all the wonderful characteristics that make you… well you. Understand that you are priceless, magnificent, irreplaceable, and worth it!


Write to your hearts content as your thoughts, feelings and ideas flow out onto the pages.

To get you started, this journal includes a few cool features:

  • 56 pages dedicated to daily affirmations.
  • 56 “I AM” inspirational pages to be used for notes, thoughts, or whatever you wish.
  • 20+ pages sprinkled throughout to color, provide encouragement and tips on self love.


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