Jada and Jocelyn are not only best friends, but two brilliant lawyers that have decided to take a leap of erotic faith by filling untraditional roles at Dual– a fortune 500 Construction Company


A fun, sexy, suspenseful romance series that takes you through the, unique, mysterious and shocking stages of love in an unforgettable way.

* This series MUST be read in order. Book 1 and 2 of this Series ends of cliffhangers.


A slow burn steamy romance series about three best friends and their exciting journey to love. This collection was  created for those who love the journey of love as much as the heat once it gets started.

*This series can be read together or as a stand alone

***The romance universes overlap in NG NOVELS, it is suggested (BUT NOT MANDATORY) to read the books in the following order.

  • The Hero of my Love Scene
  • The Love of my Past, Present
  • The Right to my Wrong
  • Love is Sweet
  • Love is Sour
  • Love is Salty
  • His Mouthpiece
  • His Mouthpiece: The Prequel

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