We all could use a little push in life. You know, some advice to get you from point A to point Z?

Well, with my help you’re about to get the push, or shall I say shove of a lifetime. The purpose of my untraditional self-help series is to give you advice and insight on Dating, Marriage, and Pregnancy while entertaining you at the same time.

What better way to have a fun-filled, self-reflective conversation than over a glass of wine, or whatever your drink of choice is. Life is hard enough, let’s get through the tough topics… tipsy.

Think of me as your personal drill sergeant that strips naked runs through dangerous places and pulls you along for the ride. I know that visual might have you shaking your head, but you can’t deny your curiosity is piqued.

Are you ready? Great!

Do you remember the guy with the fetish? What about the cheater? Or the one married to his job? Wait, I got it! The one that turned out to be a kidnapper? 

Ever look at your spouse and wonder… “Why am I still here?” 

If you have, don’t be alarmed a lot of couples wonder if their marriage would look a lot better in their rearview mirror.


I was in the mirror practicing. I wanted to be fully prepared when the time came to get this baby out of me. Staring at my reflection, I noticed my angry eyebrows weren’t drawn together enough… I should work on that.

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