Hi, I’m Nicki. A wife, mother, designer and author addicted to writing, laughing, getaways and sex jokes, but not exactly in that order.  I have a Bachelor′s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Creative Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Luckily for you, someone gave me internet access, and now you get to experience all the EXCITING, SHOCKING, and HOT ideas that resides in my head.

I’m an Atlanta native that was raised by a beautiful strong-willed mother, that couldn’t read or write and a logical country-loving father that often introduced himself as the most perfect man on earth. To top it all off, I shared a bedroom with my sister whose personality is comparable to a beachfront volcano; calm and cool until disturbed.

I know, I know that’s heavy and it’s easy to see where I get my sense of humor and odd way of thinking, but trust me, these people are some of my best friends. Yes, it was unfortunate that my mom couldn’t help me with homework, or read me bedtime stories and my dad’s bar for excellence was through the roof, but it made for a great childhood and taught me a lot of valuable lessons in life.

For starters, you are who you believe you are, not who others say you are. Where you go in this world is limited by your own vision. This piece of advice is where my love for reading began. Books took me on a journey where worlds opened up and I could gain experiences that drastically differed from my own. It was then that I knew I wanted to be an author.

Writing is my outlet. I like to use my thoughts to exit reality and enter into some of the most sweet, shocking, seductive, complex and thrilling universes of the characters I create. And now more than ever, as a wife and mother of two hyperactive kids that are allergic to sleep, I need that escape.

My time with friends and family where I grab a drink, kick back, have uncensored chats and reflect is one of the main things that keep me grounded and sane. Therefore, I’ve decided to share my advice, life stories, novels, juicy sex scenes and all out randomness with you.

Life is hard enough, I want to make it easier, well, at least more enjoyable. So grab your WINE, SODA, WIG, RUM, VIBRATOR, POPCORN OR WHATEVER YOU NEED on your reading journey and let’s go!


Nicki Grace, aka The Tipsy Counselor

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