The Hero of my Love Scene

What is the book about?

After a frightening attack on her life, Winter Daniels is rescued by a heroicbreathtaking strangernamed Kody Benton. Immediately, their shared attraction is evident, but if her past mistakes have taught her anything, it’s that if he seems too good to be true, he probably is.

Winter gawked at how big his dick was because… it was huge. Instinctively, she wondered if he knew how to use it but quickly decided no. Nothing against the guy, but in her sexual experience, big dicks didn’t equal big orgasms. If she was completely honest, regardless of the size of a man’s package or the position they delivered it in, it never got her anywhere. Therefore, the dick before her may as well have been nothing more than a prop like those used at her job, “Movie Box Studios” appearing useful on set but useless in reality.

However, capabilities aside, she had to admit it was impressive. Bouncing around and swinging back and forth like it was parting the way for a famous celebrity to come through. Who knows, maybe the guy it was attached to was famous, or at least pretended to be as a day job because he had the look. Tall and muscular with a chocolate complexion and a flirtatious smile, his aura screamed, “star” or “groupies apply here.” Still, she doubted he was famous, although his dick could be, the guy it was attached to was a male dancer hired by her friend, Jessica, as a celebratory token for Chloe’s bachelorette party. 

She giggled as the dancing dick brought to mind a handheld compass with the arrow, pointing and shifting uncontrollably in all different directions. There was a second dick present. It belonged to the other male dancer of the night. Although it wasn’t as big, it too was impressive. 

But instead of being fun and extra bouncy like the compass dick, this one was more well behaved and of the no-nonsense variety. It pointed straight out and barely bounced. It was as if it refused to have a good time and had been brought to the party against its will. Every move the dancer made that attempted to send it in any position besides forward-facing was met with challenge—talk about stubborn.





The Hero of my Love Scene

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