The Twisted Damsel

Why so Twisted?

I consider myself a good girl. Sweet, trustworthy, and delicate. Just don’t cross me. Some may consider me a lunatic, frightening or chilling, but I’ve since silenced their voices.

Hey, it wasn’t my fault that the sociopathic savage in me needed room to breathe.

I try to maintain a low profile, but Bullies, Liars, and Thieves really get under my skin. If it were not for my sister, the world would likely have a new villain to fear.

But as it stands, most of you are safe…. for now.

I made my way through the party. The asshole I was looking for had to be here somewhere. His name was Alexander Wright, and he loved the ladies. 

In his defense, he was a 20-year-old college student, which meant partying, girls, and poor choices were his life.

Word around the campus was that he had raped several girls, and none have reported it. I think it’s because they feared him and what he, or rather his family, could do. But I had no such fear.

The Twisted Damsel

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