I stared at the contract, pen in hand, with one question in mind… had I completely lost it?

It was only supposed to be one night of passion between strangers, but here I am, legally agreeing to enter into a Dom/sub relationship.

As a lawyer, I know all too well how messy, dangerous, and ironclad contracts can be. So why am I signing this?

Two words; Merrick Alexander.

Everything about him is unlike any man I have ever met, and even though on the surface he emits power, brilliance and charisma, the shadows in his eyes warn that he has secrets that run as deep as my own.

That is how I know I am in over my head and this isn’t likely to end well.

Especially since I fear allowing him unrestricted access to my body will eventually result in him wanting access to the one thing I never give any man…. my heart.

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